Code of Conduct


The USNSCC Cadet Code of Conduct applies to all NSCC and NLCC cadets, and carries the force of USNSCC Regulations. Its purpose is to inspire our cadets to challenge themselves, to reflect on the expectations the program has set for them and that they have set for themselves, and to strengthen their determination to become leaders of character.

Unit Staff should distribute the USNSCC Cadet Code of Conduct to all cadets and use it as part of the swearing in ceremony. Unit staff should regularly talk to their cadets about expectations for conduct, how cadets can use this code to improve themselves in and out of the program, and how they can use it as a leadership tool.

NLCC Orientation, NSCC Recruit Training, and POLA COTCs shall make the USNSCC Cadet Code of Conduct a central part of their curriculum other COTCs are encouraged to do so.

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